Holiday Dinner

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Please put some venison in your dogs dinner sack.

The holidays are upon us. if you want to treat your dog to a holiday feast on Christmas eve or Christmas day, just let us know!

Holidays at Fog City Dogs

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​Thanksgiving is upon us and it is time to get one of our last few spaces for overnight accommodations this holiday season. If you haven’t made this year’s plans we suggest our loyal fans do so quickly because we are running out of space. Book your dog boarding now. If you are staying in town, we will have limited dog daycare by reservation only, so book in soon.

Choosing the right stay for your pet

Whether it is dog boarding with suites, a traditional kennel, cageless boarding, a pet hotel or dog sitting, we all need care for our pets. When looking for place to take your dog when you are away, always insist on a few basics. One they must have vaccination requirements. People who home sit dogs often keep them with their own pets who may or may not be current on vaccinations.

Ask how long they have been providing service. We have been doing this for 15 years, so we know what we are doing. Of course we have made mistakes along the way, but we always learn from them, via changes in staff, changes in process or changes in who we permit to return. Experience matters.

Ask them if they have insurance and a city permit. Lots of places board dogs without following the rules. The city has standards of health and safety that we follow to ensure your dogs stay safe while having fun with us.

Read the reviews, the bad as well as the good. If you have questions, ask the business/person about them. Reviews tell one side of every story allow the business to tell its side, hopefully they can own their history.

Ask if they have a way to look in. We have cameras so you can see what is happening because we want you to know what your dog is up to. Sure its not always exciting but you can look in any time.

Ask what is extra. Our rate is higher than some and lower than most others because we include the basics but always want to be a good value. We separate dogs into separate rooms at night to keep your cost down but we don’t have anyone on site, we do have security and building monitoring, and alerts that tell us if anything is happening that shouldn’t be.

Ask if they walk dogs outside and if they charge for the walk. We do walk but don’t charge. But we do offer extra walks at a low extra cost if you think your dog needs more.

Plan ahead, if your puppy has never been to a dog hotel or day camp, get them in for a visit before leaving them for an extended stay. And always book your boarding reservations when you book your flights. We book up three months in advance for many holidays.

Puppy camp is fun. It isn’t dog prison. Dogs are pack animals and while they love you, they grew up in litters for ages, so they will find a good groove in one of our groups and will have good time.

Fog City Dogs has been providing dogs a fun place for daycare and boarding for 15 years in San Francisco and we plan to serve the Bay Area for many more. Check us out in Bernal Heights/Bayview or the Marina for Doggie Daycare.

Human Rights Campaign Dinner

Fog City Dogs is proud to donate to the HRC’s Silent Auction.

The Human Rights Campaign cannot operate without funds, and here in the San Francisco Bay Area, they have grown to host one of the largest fundraisers in the country for the cause of equality. The SF Bay Area Gala Dinner is an annual event that consists of a large private auction, followed by a black-tie dinner to celebrate the steps they have made and to look towards a more just future.

Here are a list of people that are attending and highlighting the event:

HRC President Chad Griffin

Marriage Equality SCOTUS Named Plaintiff Jim Obergefell

LGBT Activist Geena Rocero

Visibility Award Candis Cayne

Ally Award, Eireann Dolan and Sean Doolittle

Charles M Holmes Award, Frank Woo

Corporate Equality Award Wells Fargo

If you are interested in purchasing tickets

For more information please click here

Dog Day Afternoon

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​Fog City Dogs is proud to donate to this awesome event.


Dog Day Afternoon has been growing over the last 9 years. This year they will have 13 dog & cat rescues with all proceeds benefiting these incredible organizations. They will be holding a raffle to help raise money with amazing prizes from some local businesses! There will be over 30+ vendors providing information and handing out great samples for your cats & dogs. There will be two bands, a beer garden and bbq as well as a pet costume contest.

Lodge Dog of the Month Adrian

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Meet our Lodge Dog of the Month Adrian. Adrian is loved by all of our staff. She is a great lady who is friendly, loving, and sweet while making all dogs feel welcome. She brings a calming energy to play group and is just the best. Congrats Adrian!!! You shine bright!!

Meet Natasha our Daycare Dog of the Month

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Meet our Daycare Dog of the Month Natasha. Natasha Chu is one of FCD’s special ladies and loved by all of our staff. This well loved sleeping beauty is proof an older lady can have a blast at FCD as much as any puppy. Affectionate, sweet, and sassy she enjoys spending time with her sister Mattie and loves all the little puppies that play around her. She loves to soak up the sun and have a tasty lunch everyday. She is truly the Queen of Basset Hounds.

Toast the Neighborhood 2015

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​FCD is proud to donate to Urban Solutions annual event Toast the neighborhood. Urban Solutions mission is to strengthen underserved San Francisco neighborhoods through the support of small businesses, job creation, diversity and sustainability. Since 1992 they helped their clients receive approval for more than 335 loans, totaling $24.5 million. In 2014 we worked with nearly 250 small San Francisco businesses. Please join them for Toast the Neighborhood join business and civic leaders in celebration of small businesses and neighborhoods as they toast 3 extraordinary entrepreneurs—winners of the Neighborhood Business Awards, 2015. Tickets are available at: