Training Academy

​Fog City Dogs now offers dog training at our Lodge location on Shafter Avenue. Dogs visiting us on Tuesdays or Fridays for boarding or daycare may also get signed up for training classes with one of our experienced training staff. Call us for details - 415-642-3647

Django - The Daycare’s Dog of the Month!

Category: Dog of the Month Daycare

Meet, Django, the Daycare’s Dog of the Month! Django is a young. curious Border Collie who has grown up with us, being a daycare regular since puppy-hood! His best friend is Kira, a Shiba Inu. These two are an inseparable pair and enjoy wrestling the day away. Django is a very smart dog, happily showing off his tricks for a little treat. He is an all around love bug who just adores giving kisses. In true herding dog fashion, he loves to work, especially chasing the laser pointer! Way to go Django!

The Lodge’s Dog of the Month - Milo!

Category: Dog of the Month Lodge

Milo is May’s Dog of the Month at the Lodge! Milo is a big Newfoundland mix with an enormous heart to match his big smile! He is a lovable dope – he has no idea how big he is, and wants nothing more than to weasel his way into your lap for some snuggle time. It’s hard to say no when he comes up with the best wiggle butt you have ever seen! Milo loves to play, and he is known for his leaping play bow, where he hops into the air before crouching down to get his friends to wrestle. Congrats Milo!