Dog Boarding in San Francisco, CA

Smiling dog with tongue hanging out

All-Suite Dog Lodging

Each of our guests enjoys lodging in private suites designed for comfort and relaxation. Our dedicated and attentive staff carefully monitor the well-being of our guests and provide everything they need to feel right at home.

Premium Dog Boarding Accommodations

Our luxurious private suites come with the best care to make your dog feel pampered and relaxed. Our 6,000 square-foot facility is climate-controlled and fully outfitted with the best in care and safety.

  • Elevated, comfy beds
  • Five-point comprehensive wellness checks
  • The soothing sounds of music
  • Quality diet--we recommend bringing your dog’s regular diet. However, we offer an in-house food for a small charge.
  • At least 2 relief walks each day and 2 other potty breaks.

Free Daycare Day for All New Clients

First time customers only. Subject to availability & cannot be combined with other offers.

Customized, Fun-Filled Activity Packages

Canines are pack animals and enjoy being engaged and active. This is especially important when pets are away from home. Our loving staff will ensure a healthy and engaging experience for dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes, and personalities. Our activities range from high-energy play to extra TLC and relaxation. Between our climate-controlled indoor playground and the attention of our doting caregivers, tails will wag and smiles abound at Fog City Dogs. No matter his preferences, your dog will have fun in his favorite ways with our discounted activity packages.

Leash iconExtra walks. Our loving caregivers will give your pooch some outdoor exercise and fresh California sunshine.

Dog bone icon

Special treats. Treat your furry friend to a treat filled rubber toy or other special snacks.

Dog with a shirt iconOne-on-one TLC. Our dog-loving staff love to spoil our guests with extra cuddles & fun.

Paws iconGroup play. We specialize in providing dogs a safe environment for social fun in our fully-enclosed indoor play yards. Social play is among the most effective ways to engage dogs mentally and physically.

Ribbon iconState-of-the-art play equipment. Our facility is equipped with brand-new play equipment for a doggone good time. Dogs love our stairs, ramps, & games. Choose from group play or individualized fun in our exciting play yards.

Brown dog jumping to catch a red ball

Free Daycare Day for All New Clients

First time customers only. Subject to availability & cannot be combined with other offers.

Superior Safety Standards

Safety is our number one priority at Fog City Dogs. Here are some of the unique practices & features that keep all our dog boarding guests safe.

  • 24/7 monitored security & safety systems
  • Video surveillance throughout the entire facility
  • Multi-stage, extra-secure gate systems
  • Behavioral evaluations to participate in group play
  • Playgroups separated by size & play style
  • Current vaccinations required for all dogs

We Mean Clean

We strive to keep Fog City Dogs one of the cleanest pet care facilities in the area. Our strategy includes top-of-the line products and training, as well as specially-designed features of the facility itself.

  • Our dedicated cleaning personnel cleans every square foot of the facility each day
  • We use hospital-grade disinfectants that are safe for pets
  • Bedding is regularly laundered on-site
  • State-of-the-art cleaning systems provide the most thorough sanitizing