Dog Friendly Focus – Civic Center

Dog Friendly Focus – Civic Center – SOMA Streat Food Park

truck 33Can’t decide where you want to eat but want to bring your dog? A great choice is SOMA Streat Food Park. Central to all neighborhoods in San Francisco, and conveniently the half way point between Fog City Dogs lodging location on Shafter Avenue, and our doggie daycare location on Lombard. SOMA has an ever changing host of food trucks, outside space to eat with your dog, and a bonus for inside space (which you could also eat with your dog since they don’t technically serve food in there).

We first met The Chairman and his bao buns here so Streatfood Park has a soft spot in our hearts. We also watched election results, a Superbowl and at least one Giants world series championship with our dogs and our human friends here over the years so we might be biased. They also get bonus points for having some street parking without too much hunting here.

lumpia eventbriteThey also line up lots of events. Regularly, they have Trivia Nights on Thursdays, so bring your brain, a smart friend, or a poodle, and teach everyone a new trick. And this week get ready for  Lumpiapalooza which is coming this Saturday afternoon 10/27.



Its a 10 minute drive from either location (or an hour walk on sunny day) From Fog City Dogs Lodge location

From Fog City Dogs Doggie Daycare location