Mattie Daycare Dog of the Month


Mattie is a gorgeous pointer/hound mix with an incredible brindle coat and intense human-like eyes! She is an athletic beauty and a total love bug. Mattie loves all types of dogs and plays excellently with each playmate she encounters. This affectionate girl loves to snuggle in our laps, and we just adore her demeanor! She…

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Meet our Day Care Dog of the Month: Duke


Meet Duke our Day Care Dog of the Month. He’s a jack of all trades really, wants attention from all the dogs and will try to play with all of dogs both small and large. Duke is a big kisser to dogs and people and also tries to greet people passing by on walks, super…

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Meet the Daycare Dog of the Month – Abby


Abby is a Cairn Terrier, who has big personality packed into a pint sized body. She is a fun loving sweet little angel. Abby loves Fog City Dogs and has many playpals who love to romp around with her and go on walks together. She loves to catch rays at the noon day sun and enjoys every…

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Meet the Daycare Dog of the Month – Cali


Cali is one special pup. She loves daycare and has tons of play-pals in her pack.nn Her favorite activities are going on walks and playing on the playground equipment. Running up the steps and speeding down the slide.  Cali is both athletic and fast, and enjoys wrestling with her buddies. She is very loving and smart…

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Meet Natasha our Daycare Dog of the Month


Meet our Daycare Dog of the Month Natasha. Natasha Chu is one of FCD’s special ladies and loved by all of our staff. This well loved sleeping beauty is proof an older lady can have a blast at FCD as much as any puppy. Affectionate, sweet, and sassy she enjoys spending time with her sister…

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Chen Po – The Daycare Dog of the Month!

Chen Po

Meet Chen Po, the Daycare’s Dog of the Month! Chen Po is an adorable Lhasa Apso with a unique beard and adorable smile! With his low to the ground stature and long flowing coat, you can imagine the dirt this little man gets into! He is quite the ladies man, though he tends to be…

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Sasha – The Daycare Dog of the Month!


Meet Sasha, the Daycare’s Dog of the Month! Sasha is a gorgeous, fluffy Samoyed with the most expressive smile! This beautiful girl’s dark eyes are extremely sweet that could melt even the coldest heart! At daycare, Sasha is a social butterfly that bursts into groups with the best spunky energy and will engage with every…

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Cujo – The Daycare Dog of the Month


Cujo is the Daycare’s Dog of the Month! Cujo is a beautiful, spirited 13-year-old poodle mix! Don’t let this lady’s age fool you! She is fun loving and energetic. She has many doggie friends at the daycare of all sizes and ages, and she loves to referee the young ones as they wrestle. Cujo is…

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The Daycare Dog of the Month – Avon!


Meet Avon, the Daycare’s Dog of the Month! Avon is a high energy, athletic, fun-loving little Boston Terrier. She is a fearless little girl, romping around all day and wrestling with dogs big and small! Avon gets very exciting coming in for daycare and has charmed every one of our staff! She will do back…

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Iggy von Baconbitz- The Daycare Dog of the Month!

Iggy von Baconbitz

Introducing Iggy von Baconbitz – the Daycare dog of the month! Iggy is an adorable, scruffy little terrier mix. He is very playful with his buddies. Iggy is a prancer too – his lanky legs give him an elegant gait as he struts around playgroup! His classic terrier tenacity gives him a big personality to…

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