Dog Friendly Spotlight – Golden Gate Park

Dogs in the Park:

Our fair city has lots of visit worthy spots, but on a nice sunny day, few places can top a dog walk in Golden Gate Park. While not an oasis of dog friendly play areas, there are four good spots to visit.

  1. Fenced dog park – 38th and Fulton
  2. Open area – Lincoln between 5th and 7th Avenue.
  3. Open area – MLK between 34th and 38th
  4. Open area – Stanyan between Hayes and Fulton.
    You can see exactly where on their map.

Après-play at Park Chalet

A nice spot that is Fido Friendly is Park Chalet. dogs at park chaletHouse made beers and mini sliders make the day complete. Few restaurants get you so close to the Pacific that you can taste the salt in the air. And if you still have a taste for more dog fun afterward, Ocean Beach is offleash friendly from Stairwell 1 to 21. Below there you have to leash up. Another great option for dog lovers is a sunset stroll at Fort Funston just a few minutes South by car. Recent arrivals should know that all of these areas have been hotly contested for dog access, so the link above is a good guide to the final compromises that were reached on where dogs are allowed, and where they must be leashed.

dogs in plantsDogs and Poison Oak:

Keep your dogs away from the brush in GGP as it chocked full of poison oak.  Any of you with allergies won’t want to pet your friend until you get the oils off of them. Whether you are allergic or not, it stays on their coat for a very long time and is very transferable to anyone who comes into contact with your dog for days (if not weeks)

If you are in the park and find yourself off the beaten path, here is what you are looking for:poison oak