The Lodge Dog of the Month - Tino!

Tino is the Lodge’s Dog of the Month! Tino is an adorable lab mix with a puppyesque energy that is highly contagious! This big guy absolutely loves his doggie buddies, and he can’t get through the doors fast enough in the morning to get into group! This happy boy enjoys greeting the newer dogs (and staff!) and showing them the ropes. He really enjoys his spa days - he just loves his baths! After a day of play, Tino loves to take a nap in the sun, and even when he sleeps he has the biggest smile on his face. Way to go Tino!

Sasha - The Daycare Dog of the Month!

Meet Sasha, the Daycare’s Dog of the Month! Sasha is a gorgeous, fluffy Samoyed with the most expressive smile! This beautiful girl’s dark eyes are extremely sweet that could melt even the coldest heart! At daycare, Sasha is a social butterfly that bursts into groups with the best spunky energy and will engage with every pup that crosses her path! Despite her seemingly high maintenance coat and rough and tumble play style, this girl always looks runway ready! Congrats Sasha!